TEN Kingston Associates: Entangle

July 5-August 12, 2018
Opening Reception: Friday, July 6, 2018, 5:30-7:30 pm
August Reception: Friday, August 3, 2018, 5:30-7:30 pm

  • Jane Lincoln

    Tangled Up in Blue, BFK Rives paper and colored pencil, 14 x 16 inches, 2018.

    Tangled Up in Blue
  • Jamie Bowman

    Hometown Prison, charcoal on paper, 18 x 24 inches, 2018.

    Hometown Prison
  • Steven Cabral

    In Between 2, encaustic and oil on wood, 12 x 12 inches, 2018.

    In Between 2
  • Anthony Falcetta

    strange overtones, acrylic/mixed media on canvas, 32 x 24 inches, 2017.

    strange overtones
  • Tatiana Flis

    Atomism, graphite and gouache, 34.5 x 27 inches, 2018.

  • Brian Littlefield

    #2 untitled drawing, charcoal and conte crayon on paper, 60 x 40 inches, 2018.

    #2 untitled drawing
  • Rachel Mello

    She Works the Lines, copper wire drawing over oil on hardboard. 18 x 14 x 3 inches, 2018.

    She Works the Lines
  • Rachel Sevanich

    Deep Wonders, oil on canvas mounted on board, 60 x 48 inches, 2018.

    Deep Wonders
  • Rachel Thern

    Vertical Drift, animation cell, sizes variable, 2018.

    Vertical Drift
  • Anne Sargent Walker

    Flight, Stilled, oil, acrylic, collage on canvas, 30 x 24 inches, 2018.

    Flight, Stilled

Press Release
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"A Talk wtih Associate Member Jane Lincoln." Kingston Blog, July 18, 2018.

Multiple interpretations of "entanglement" with explorations through works on paper, paintings, photography, mixed-media, and sculpture are embraced in the annual TEN: Kingston Associates exhibition. This exhibition, bursting with bold color and delicate line, explores a complex system of connections where objects and ideas intermingle in close proximity, where the process of making art becomes an entangling of shape, light, realism, and abstraction. In quantum physics entanglement is a phenomenon which occurs when an entangled pair or a group of particles react identically to forces applied to either one. This can be echoed in the way an artist and a viewer are both affected by similar feelings or ideas, contained or transmitted by a work of art. In this exhibition works on paper by Jane Lincoln and Brian Littlefield use mark and motion to create surfaces imbued with process and a sense of time that becomes blurred and entwined, breaking down into moments with no beginning or end. Interactions loop and knot together in an enigmatic dance of rhythms and patterns as seen in paintings by Steven Cabral, Anthony Falcetta and Rachel Sevanich, which explode with dynamic color and texture. In contrast, the delicacy of works by Tatiana Flis, and Anne Sargent Walker are evocative of entanglement as seen through the relationship with self, society, objects, nature, and process.

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