Among Friends: new paintings by Judith Brassard Brown with pastels by Wendy Goldberg and poetry by Martha Rhodes

November 1-26, 2017
Opening Reception
: Friday, November 3, 2017, 5:30-8:00 pm
Martha Rhodes Poetry Reading: Friday, November 3, 8:15 pm

  • Judith Brassard Brown

    Downhill Road, mixed media on canvas, 23 x 49 inhces, 2017.

    Downhill Road
  • Judith Brassard Brown

    Storm, mixed media on canvas, 30 x 40 inhces, 2017.

  • Judith Brassard Brown

    Sidebar, mixed media on canvas, 36 x 24 inhces, 2016.

  • Wendy Goldberg

    Late Winter Clearing, Pastel on paper, 2017.

    Late Winter Clearing
  • Wendy Goldberg

    Night on the River, Pastel on paper, 2017.

    Night on the River
  • Wendy Goldberg

    Migration, Pastel on paper, 2017.

  • Martha Rhodes

    The Thin Wall, University of Pittsburgh Press; 1 edition (February 13, 2017).

    Martha Rhodes: The Thin Wall

Press Release
Judith Brassard Brown
Wendy Goldberg
Martha Rhodes

Hagan, Debbie. "Among Friends: Judith Brassard Brown, Wendy Goldberg, and Martha Rhodes." Delicious Line, November 21, 2017.
"When artists are Among Friends." Kingston Blog, November 18, 2017.
"Meet Judith Brassard Brown of Visual Artist at Kingston Gallery in SOWA." BostonVoyager, November 13, 2017.

Friendships that span decades are rare, and even more unusual when involvement in one another's lives and artistic practice informs and deepens one's work over a lifetime. Among Friends presents the work of three artists, Judith Brassard Brown, Wendy Goldberg, and Martha Rhodes. These artists generate words and images, each in their own way, reflecting their common ground and concerns with the internal and external landscape of this human journey and following in the footsteps of others. "Brown's tendency is to resolve conflict and seemingly disparate entities through image-building whether written, collaged, or painted." writes curator Shana Dumont. "In her hands, memories and small revelations live with ancient concerns. Multiple, subjective realities coexist in images referencing both reality and dreams in her large scale mixed media oil and small egg tempera paintings." Wendy Goldberg exhibits pastels that have been variously classified as Intimist, Tonalist and Impressionist. In truth, they are difficult to categorize. Her atmospheric, semi-abstract, luminous landscapes have an eerie expressiveness, and the capacity to draw out the essential mood of a subject through simplicity and suggestion. The third artist in Among Friends is Martha Rhodes, author of five poetry collections including recently published, The Thin Wall. Of her work Rick Barot at the New England Review writes, "In books that are as demanding as they are beautiful, Rhodes has been mapping the psychic terrain of family life and romantic life in contemporary America. Spare and unsparing, The Thin Wall is Rhodes doing her most powerful work so far."

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