Sarah Meyers Brent

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  • Sarah Meyers Brent

    Primal Garden (Installation View), paint rags, foam, acrylic, and mixed media, 144 x 115 inches, 2015.

    Primal Garden-Installation View
  • Sarah Meyers Brent

    Primal Garden, paint rags, foam, acrylic, and mixed media, 144 x 115 inches, 2015.

    Primal Gardent
  • Sarah Meyers Brent

    Dripping Plant II, acrylic, charcoal, and glitter glue on canvas, 66 x 53.5 inches, 2015.

    Dripping Plant II

Artist Statement

My paintings and installations explore the viscous ooze at the creation and termination of life - a reference to the constant flux of human experience. Utilizing heavily impastoed paint, recycled fabric, foam, decaying flowers, dirt and vines, my mixed media pieces flow out of and accrete to the canvas and walls. In this age of technology, when we are steps removed from nature, I want my art to allow the viewer to experience what is alive and physical. My studio is filled with paint globs, packing peanuts, paint rags, pieces of old projects, and gloves. There is a beautiful richness to these materials, which are otherwise considered trash. Combining them as materials with which to sculpt and paint, I am able to use my artistic process to work through the mess of life, and ultimately arrive at a form--simultaneously growing and decaying-- that I find really beautiful.

Artist Bio

Sarah Meyers Brent is featured as a 2016 Best of Boston artist by The Improper Bostonian magazine. Brent has exhibited works in numerous venues, including her recent exhibit, Seep, Spill, Grow, at The Danforth Art Museum in Framingham, which was featured in Artscope Magazine. She was the recipient of the 2015 Walter Feldman Fellowship, culminating in an exhibit at the Walter Feldman Gallery in Boston titled Primal Garden, which also received critical acclaim in Artscope Magazine and The Boston Globe. Brent was awarded the Fay Chandler Emerging Artist award through the City of Boston.

Twice awarded residencies at the Vermont Studio Center, Brent is also a recipient of an Artist Resource Trust Grant from the Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation, who designated her a 25 at 25 Fellow. Brent's work appears in collections at The Danforth Musuem, The Liquitex Corporate Collection, and numerous private collections. She was also featured in Volume 16 of New American Painting Northeast edition. Born in Hadley, NY, Sarah Meyers Brent received her BFA from Skidmore College, her Post- Baccalaureate in Studio Art from Brandeis University, and her MFA from the University of New Hampshire at Durham. The artist maintains a studio at Joy Street Studios in Somerville, MA.


Growth and Decay, May 31-June 2, 2017 (Catalog)
Relay, January 4-29, 2017
Plant Monster, November 30, 2016-January 1, 2017
I Know Just What You're Saying, January 6-31, 2016
Salvaged Garden, July 1-August 2, 2015


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Sarah Meyers Brent Plants her Salvaged Garden at Kingston Gallery.


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