On-Kyeong Seong

On-Kyeong Seong, Flower Pulse I

On-Kyeong Seong, Flower Pulse I, mixed media on canvas, 22 x 28 inches.

Artist Statement

I present a body of work consisting of abstract biomorphic forms developed through unconventional methods, such as stitching with a sewing machine in the form of painted and sewn pieces, which build up relief surfaces on the canvas. Additionally, I use a sewing machine for a drawing tool to create automatic drawing gestures and also to get away from overly determined painting marks. Those abstractions with the threads, which are distinctive texture markings generally take the form of an isolated figure itself surrounded by the canvas, and also sometimes represent an environment of interrelated forms such as cell biology, natural microscopic forms, bodily organs, flowers, carnivorous plants, plant filament and other combinations of flora and fauna. Adding to the sense of strangeness and grotesqueness is the disparate, the unusual, and the monstrous exist side-by-side with perfection and imperfection vs. beauty and ugliness through nature; by revealing theses contrast ideas, my works of art portray them both.