Nat Martin

Nat Martin, Landscape #3

Nat Martin, Landscape #3, archival inkjet print, 2017.

Artist Statement

My art for Heated, the Kingston Associates' 2017 show, is very new and the pieces were created in response to the chosen title and concept of the show. Most of the images I am showing are photographs of small, constructed landscapes that I created in my studio.

Night Landscape and Inferno both depict a barren, arctic landscape that is being devoured by an intense heat from below… and the two images were inspired by the new norm of seeing fascinating, beautiful and disturbing footage of Antarctic ice shelves collapsing. My photographs depict an imagined clash between a world of ice and a rising, volcanic fury.

My black and white images for the show depict a barren, uninhabitable landscapes washed over with acidic rain and ash. Everything in the images is meant to appear in violent flux… and as a visualization of the earth morphing into a state that does not tolerate human presence.

Previous photographic bodies of work that I have created have looked to decay and change as sources of mystery and beauty, but this is the first time I have used environmental changes as a conceptual starting point, and the resulting work has a much greater sense of anxiety for me. These are images that arose from fear.

Artist Bio

Nat Martin is an artist whose work explores the spaces between photography and sculpture. He often sculpts and constructs his photographic subject matter, and he also experiments with ways in which he can give a physical presence to 2-dimensional imagery. Martin has been exhibiting art for 15 years and his work has appeared in many shows throughout New England. He has been an associate member of the Kingston Gallery since 2015. Martin received his B.A. from Skidmore College as an art history major, and earned his M.A. in Art History from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Nat Martin has taught art history, darkroom photography and digital photography since 2000 and lives outside of Boston with his very creative wife and two kids.