Jane Lincoln

Website: www.janelincoln.com
Email: lincoln@janelincoln.com

My concentration on color combines observation, experimentation, and emotional expression. The precarious quality of an individual color as it reacts to neighboring colors has become the focus of my work. Mixing my own colors is vital to my process. For my paintings I apply acrylic evenly to BFK Rives paper in larger proportions than I intend to use. This allows me to adjust each color separately. While a strong color configuration is clearly visible in my paintings, the surface will reveal itself gradually, with changes of light and position. The edges where these colors meet are considered carefully: some are cut, some painted, some cast shadows, and some have razor-sharp accents. Certain colors blend to such a degree that the edge is hard to perceive, while other edges conjure optical vibrations. I aim for the effects to surpass optics and influence emotions.

Jane Lincoln, Latent Lilac

Jane Lincoln, Latent Lilac, acrylic on paper/board, 16 x 16 inches, 2016.